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Miles Guo 20170828

Miles Guo 20170828

Hey, hello everybody, hello everybody, hello everybody, hello everybody. Haha~, it’s so funny, ok, hello everyone, hello everyone, this is the live broadcast of Wengui’s August 28th report. First of all, I would like to say hello to my friends, I’ll take exercise right away, and change my outfit after this exercise. Clothes, then quickly get a haircut, and then this, this, this, and this, and this, this, this, this, and this, and this two groups. Hurry up, this is on this rack, I originally wanted to be outside, this outside is too noisy, this Apple store is being modified, the world The first 24-hour Apple store is undergoing remodeling. Then, it’s the opposite. Now when I came out, when this live broadcast, there have been special police officers with guns looking awkward. I’ll move to the house right away, so it’s very good. My team just said it’s alright. Mr. Guo, you don’t want to live broadcast here. Okay, I’ll go live if I say no, because I didn’t sleep until 5 a.m. yesterday. When I was sleeping, I received too much information, too much information, and the people of Canada, the people of Henan, thank you very much, thank you very much, this, too much information, and then, I really feel it, overseas friend. Don’t be angry, for the domestic elites, this is still a large base, 1.4 billion people are too many, it is the thief who blocked the VPN and then hacked my phone and hacked my whatsup, but it didn’t stop anyone from passing it on to me. Message and greetings. These days, I use different channels and various methods. I am a very smart person. Many people pass things on to relatives and friends overseas, or entrust certain people overseas. Then, this Write it in words, and then, take a picture and send it to me. There is also this. Many smart people don’t leave any traces. This information was sent to me through a third party in a very clever way, which made me Very surprised, so this domestic friend is really an elite. All over the place, all over the elite, it’s amazing. From now on I can see that this kind of suppressed power and the sense of justice in the people’s mind can’t be stopped by anyone, no one can stop it, and this veteran , Pan-Asia, Yizubao, and the now suppressed organizations in this country. I can feel this in all aspects. It’s completely different from the situation a few months ago. Just a few months ago, everyone was angry and helpless. There were only those two roads for rights protection, rights protection, letters and visits, letters and visits, and then wrote some letters. It’s useless. Now Everyone realizes that we need to use social media, provide evidence, and present this evidence. This change is very important, that is, we must advocate the rule of law, and the rule of law is too crucial. That is, we must be legal while ruling the country according to the law. Then we must abide by the law. If we do not abide by the law, that is absolutely impossible. So look at this, now all overseas news about Wengui broke the news in every aspect of everyone, This argument can be reflected in the fact that everyone does not abide by the law, what is their nature, whether they have morality, and whether they have legal awareness. For example, I was like what I said yesterday. Just this Hu Shuli, Ms. Hu Shuli, and this Wei Shi, and Shi Nuo, and the Toad Li Li Weidong, and Xia Hemorrhoids. This is in the name of culture, this cultural liar, culture Hooligans, as well as these Internet scammers, the pro-democracy movement, under the guise of the pro-democracy movement, this kind of film is chaotic.

You can see their behavior one by one. All these stupid, ignorant and absurd behaviors are completely disregarding the facts. There is also this incest, this incest. Yesterday, after I watched my show yesterday, he sent out a so-called clarification of himself, he didn’t. It’s better to clarify, as soon as he clarified, this incest makes me have to talk about it today. First of all, everyone should take a look. The premise of Mr. Teng Biao’s definition of Wengui incest is that he is on Twitter. I saw and heard a voice. This voice is that Wang Yanping is my nephew and daughter-in-law, so you look at this ridiculous thing, Twitter Zhanji, everyone knows that this is a typical traitor. Shi Nuo and Wei Shi and Toad Li and Xia Hemorrhoids, they controlled a fake tweet, one by one, he didn’t even have his real name. He said on Twitter that there are thousands of fake messages. Take a brief look, what did Guo Wengui's ship and plane not belong to him? Guo Wengui defrauded the money from the Middle East. Guo Wengui had an accident in Hong Kong. Guo Wengui didn’t dare to come to the United States. What was wrong with Guo Wengui’s in the United States? Why don’t you ask about all these things? Why is there only Twitter? There is a record of the battle, and Boxun website can directly interview all the two sessions in Beijing, and it can also interview the lawyers arrested in Beijing. What is even more exaggerated is that Fred Mu is still locked inside, and he can directly at Boxun. The detainees interviewed and the Twitter Wars were broadcast live like this. What is his identity? Everyone, he is the representative of the thief of the country, he is the thief of the country, why you can interview without Boxun, and you control the Twitter Zhanji, and all I fake Wang Yanping, Guo Mei, fake my wife Yeah, what fake my niece, and the fake Wang Yanping’s sister-in-law, and Wang Yanping’s fake husband, all of them are made by Wei Shi Xinuo Shino, and this toad Li Lai. This kind of inside actually used to be The voice it broadcasts. In this voice, what is the person who is currently speaking? It was a young man in Guangzhou who met on the Internet. This asked Wang Yanping to meet him in the Hong Kong office. When he saw him, this, this, this person is a fact that exists, but The voice is completely opposite. It is a fake match. It is said that Wang Yanping was my niece and daughter-in-law when they falsified. Everyone knows if Wang Yanping is my niece and daughter-in-law. If Wang Yanping is my niece and daughter-in-law, why would Will Wang Yanping's sister-in-law come to scold Wang Yanping? Why did Wang Yanping's husband come to find Wang Yanping? Why did Wang Yanping’s husband come to point out Wang Yanping? Why did Wang Yanping and her son Mengmeng appear again, and they said they were my illegitimate children? Is this logical? If incest Biao has a bit of legal awareness, then since you read the Zhan Zong Ji, since you have quoted the Zhan Zhan Twitter. Then why don't you quote this paragraph? Why don't you quote Wang Yanping's husband and Wang Yanping's surname from the Twitter account? You all know that the name is written on it, why not quote Wang Yanping's sister-in-law, who should be Wang Yanping's sister-in-law? That should be my niece, what is her last name? Why don't you go see it? Then Wang Yanping's Twitter quoted so many curse and so many bad things, why don't you quote it? Professionally quoted Wang Yan. In this Twitter account, Wang Yanping’s fake audio said it was Guo Wengui’s nephew and wife. You quoted it, and then I had an incest with Wang Yanping. The incest was actually just you. It’s true, so why did the later audio find that the relationship between Wang Yanping and Guo Wengui has become another relationship, and so many other people have been mentioned. The logical facts of the characters before and after are obviously not in accordance with fraud, then Why do you take only one incest? Is this selective disinformation? Is it selective evidence?

If it is a chain of evidence like Zhang Hemorrhoids, ignorant that he does not understand the law, he has been laughed out of his teeth, and has become a joke in Beijing. When he appears on the street, someone really killed a brick with a brick, and many people have asked him. Wherever you are, you have to go to him for theory and theory, then you are incest standard, quasi-study of law, and you are engaged in civil rights, your incest, you are actually staring at you, really telling me a lie. It was quoted in the Twitter Zhanji, this Guo Wengui incest, Wang Yanping is his niece and wife, then why don't you quote other Twitter? Well, in many tweets, among many tweets, so many ninety-nine tweets have accused him of being fake, and they have used audio and software to simulate the authenticity of fraud, and Even the five Maoists think that Wang Yanping is not my niece. Why don't you cite these five of your friends, cite all other tweets, and only cite this one tweet note, then what is your relationship with Boxun? What is your relationship with Shino? What is your relationship with Wei Shi Xia Zhi Xia Shi Shi Sore? Mr. Teng Biao, you will never take the name of incest Biao in your life. Your daughter, your wife, your mother, and your brothers and sisters will face you for the rest of your life. The nickname is incest Biao, you don’t believe it. As you walked and watched, you came out to clarify this time and prove that you are not only a lawyer, you have no right to interpret the precepts. Lawyer Teng. The person who interprets the precepts is called a lawyer. This is the law that swears to the people. Legal. The one who interprets the law is called the master, and the one who explains the precepts is called the preceptor. You are definitely not a lawyer. You are not worthy of being a lawyer, because you are completely fraudulent. Are you completely unfair? Did you not explain the precepts? The basic principle of the precepts is to balance the basis of truth. You have neither, nor explained the rules. At least the rules should be followed. So at this point, Mr. Incest Biao, your explanation yesterday was terrible. I would like to reiterate to everyone that Ms. Wang Yanping is very beautiful and very beautiful. She has a higher education and went to school in France. His voice and video are edited by others and are edited by actors. He also has 6 iPhones. A Samsung mobile phone was monitored and executed by others, and then some parts were taken away, and then edited, but the voice and many conversations were all fake, so fake that even her family sent him a message saying, I I don’t believe that it’s false. I think it’s true. Even my family believes it. This is what we all face a greater threat. And I will tell you what Ms. Wang Yanping is still working for. He is me. Very good staff, she is very, very good, it is absolutely unfair to him, Ms. Wang Yanping received the experience and treatment of today, she must remember that it will definitely happen to many people.

It’s like the woman who sent me this video from Australia the day before yesterday. His uncle was arrested, his aunt’s house was arrested, and her cousin was also touched by the police. Reached into the crotch and asked if he had any evidence of suicide, and told the girl that there was a mole on her chest, so you have a mole that is so big, hold your finger and buckle, there is nothing in it, the girl is crying Among them, he said that they actually used her cousin’s recording to deceive him and took the video. In fact, what the video said was different from the audio. It was a fake connection between the audio and the video, which deceived all of her in the bank. Information, and finally took away all his bank money. This kind of thing will not only happen to Ms. Wang Yanping, nor will it only happen to foreigners. It will happen to all of us. Don’t take it lightly and incestuously. You, a lawyer, are in the name of human rights. How do you tell your ancestors and ancestors, how do you tell your mother, how do you tell your parents, how do you tell your daughter about the future? On this yesterday’s Twitter, you quoted the tweet wars, It's completely fake. Everyone knows that it belongs to a country thief. It is a tweet controlled by the public security and prosecutors. Then, it is specifically for Weishishino, the bad guys, the undercover people, Silent Forces, people who pass false information, can you be a lawyer? Can you talk about human rights? So I hope you can clarify this question. Ms. Wang Yanping is absolutely unfair. In the future, at a certain time, we will make Ms. Wang Yanping sit in front of the camera and explain to everyone the ins and outs of the whole thing, and we are now Attorneys from, and the local law enforcement agency, prevent Ms. Wang Yanping from appearing, just hope they will continue to fake, continue to fake, let them fake to a certain extent, let’s talk about it, this is about Ms. Wang Yanping, if Ms. Wang Yanping is incest If there is evidence and incest, then you are equivalent to Mr. Biao incest. You are now saying that someone said that I had an incest with your mother, and someone was urging to post one. Then another lawyer would say, Guo Wengui and he and This Teng Biao’s mother has incest, then it will become a reality; I have no blood relationship with you, Mr. Teng Biao, I cannot have incest with your mother, nor can I have incest with your daughter, because I have no blood relationship. Relationship, just like Ms. Wang Yanping and I. I have no blood relationship. I have neither sex with him nor can I have incest with him. None of my nieces and nephews have blood relationship with Wang Yanping, so you can’t tell this This artificial fake news is not related to blood. It is also called incest. This is a misunderstanding of several lies and laws. This is not allowed.

So Mr. Teng Biao don’t make any more mistakes, confess your mistakes boldly, apologize boldly, to your friends, I don’t need your apology, remember, Mr. Incest Biao, I don’t need your apology, you just need to ask your friends Apologize, apologize to your professional ethics, and apologize to your mother to your daughter. This is enough. If you don’t remember this apology, then you are in a big trouble. This and this Teng Biao is incestuous. Speaking of this, this is the first question, the second is to buy the navy. As soon as I pushed someone said that I bought the navy, Wen Gui absolutely swears here, we don’t need to swear with this hand. Wengui has to spend a dime. If he has bought anyone’s navy, Wengui will be exterminated from heaven and earth, and assume all legal responsibilities. We don’t need to talk in Henan dialect, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing, haha~, so Well, I think what everyone said to buy the navy is not Wen Gui’s job. Wen Gui is here to clarify that all the reports about Wen Gui’s past are 100% from the rogue agents Hu Shuli, Wei Shi, and now Toad Li and Zhang Hemorrhoids, these people’s information about the Cultural Revolution was false. At that time, all their rumors about Wengui were false. Among all the false information, I don’t want to reply so much. The reason why I often reply to the question of buying the navy is that if anyone can take it out, Guo Wengui, Guo Wengui has bought a navy. I bought a navy army. I bought a navy army. What is meant by buying a navy army? It means buying someone’s Twitter account to buy fakes. It is defined as a navy army. In this tweet, I have support and help, but it’s not called He came to send me false information. It is not the so-called. There is absolutely no rumor from the navy. If there is, I will pay you one million dollars for one person, and one million dollars for one person. Who can take it? Guo Wengui came to have evidence, one I will pay 1 million US dollars, I hope to be solemn, solemn, this announcement, this dress is poured with water, not when I was exercising just now, but wearing another set of clothes. I got soaked, and then I blew my head quickly, and then put on this dress, the sweat continued. It’s not watering, it’s not necessary to water it, please.

So for all the tweets, let me say that Wengui did not buy the navy. This is the second question, and the third question I want to talk about. Regarding this, Mr. Li Hongkuan and this Mr. Incest Biao, Hong Mr. Kuan also basically acquiesced that Guo Wengui came out of the system and swam out of the big cesspit. This is indeed the case. Mr. Li Hongkuan was wrong. I am not the national security agent. Incest Biao quoted Guo Wengui as the original national security agent. What is a spy? It means that the special department of the country has a special position and a special purpose for you. It generally refers to the intelligence department. In this country, spy is not a derogatory term. Of course it is a dangerous word in other countries, it is a hostile relationship, so the word spy, first of all, I think it must have its code, this salary, occupation, and special position, this is special. Moreover, you are led by a special department. Guo Wengui does not possess the characteristics and reasons of any spy. There are any conditions. Everyone knows that I am Guo Wengui in the past. Who is my president? My president is Mr. Lin Qiang. Pangu's Mr. Lin Qiang was from 2011, 2001 to 2002. It was Mr. Lin Qiang. Mr. Lin Qiang was the deputy director of the First Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. It was the director. When Tao Siju was the minister, at that time Mr. Lin Qiang was the director of this bureau of the Ministry of Public Security today. He was very powerful, with great power, overseas black and white performers, and overseas spies. Hidden killers, domestic political defense, domestic politics, this intelligence understands, well, people say that half of the Ministry of Public Security is one bureau, and all the secretaries and cronies of the political and legal committee secretaries of the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security are the directors of the same bureau. At that time, Lin Qiang was basically half of the Ministry of Public Security. Later, because of Mr. Tao Siju, this improper official didn’t rise and lose his position. Then Mr. Lin Qiang left without retiring. He left temporarily and knew me well, so he went to my place and arrived. Our Pangu work, and his brother Woodland was the Ministry of Security. At that time, the director of the 12th Bureau was also known as half of the Ministry of Security. As far as the Social Bureau, Intelligence, Social Affiliation, and Commercial Reliance were concerned, they were all plain and used. He makes some money and has a relationship, then the head of the 12th Bureau, so these two people from the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Public Security both know me and know me. I have nothing to do with him. What is the relationship between me and them? Nothing.

This is Mr. Lin Qiang who was also arrested. Everyone knows that Comrade Lin Di got this brain cancer and had an operation. His life is very dangerous, and his wife is like that. Although the two brothers are also very miserable, they are very good. Then in 2003, after our Pangu Grand View was forced to stop work and snatched away by this comrade Liu Zhihua, I started to contact the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Security because I was in contact with the Ministry of Security. The internal investigations were conducted by Ma Yongping and Ma Jian, the vice minister. Their department began to contact again. In 2004, 2005 and 2006, Liu Zhihua, the deputy mayor, was arrested. There were more than two years of contact. After more than a year, I looked for evidence every day, every day for evidence, evidence chain, and video. After I finally found it, everyone knows that Liu Zhihua has broken the law, so in these two or three years I am the whistleblower, I am the whistleblower, and I am murdered. In this case, I knew them, so it was impossible to have a spy relationship. Lin Qiang, Mr. Lindi, we are friends. He is my employee. He does not have my spy relationship until June 6, 2006, right? What date is it? This Liu Zhihua was under this double regulation, Mr. Liu Zhihua, the director of the Central Order Planning, and the Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Wu Guanzheng, Secretary He Yong, Secretary Ma Wen, and Secretary Hu Jintao issued an order to protect Guo Wengui. The protection has not been revoked until today. Then, the first few cars and the next few cars are executed by the Beijing Municipal Security Bureau 24 hours a day. They follow me when I go to the toilet, and I follow every bath. They say it’s protection, but they are actually taken care of, fearing that I will be there. If there are other things, I still suspect me. There are other evidences that have not been provided to them. From that day on, I have promised to build the Pangu Grand View before August 8, 2008. Here In this case, I can be regarded as being held by a gun. While safeguarding safety, fulfill the country’s achievements and promises to the country. Don’t let the Olympic Games have a black building there on August 8. Well, everyone knows that I fulfilled my promise. Before 2008, I was definitely being supervised by multiple departments, the Beijing Municipal Security Bureau, the Ministry of National Security, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the Central Office for 24-hour supervision. I was the subject of supervision. I have not been locked up, and I have to be supervised, watched, and corrected at all times, let alone talk about benefits. That is pure nonsense.

During this process, the Ministry of Security has discovered Wengui. He is a genius and has a relationship with friends. I hope you can introduce some friends to us by Guo Wengui. Can you give us some information about the international situation? I also asked if you can officially pay for us. In this case, for example, at the time, the Ministry of Security hoped that we went to Beijing from the heads of states of the United States and went to my house for dinner. They said that Can you take care of you when you are eating? Can we take a few pictures? Okay, then I took a few photos, and I also took them after consulting with American friends. Then, in the interaction with American friends, they were very friendly and did not make any excessive requests. Later I learned about me. Many European friends, can you know them through you? Then through my acquaintance, all the Ministry of Security let me know through friends, that is, knowing friends. I never said Guo Wengui, you can get some intelligence, then you too underestimated this This security department, can someone like me count on me for intelligence? Counting on me to engage in intelligence is a leak and a crime in itself, which is impossible. Therefore, people will not believe me or let me do it. In this case, alas, the establishment of a basic In the state of supervision, then Minister Ma Jian said, then you are a affiliation. The affiliation relationship, what is the affiliation relationship, is that I have an office in your company, and I can help you coordinate some things while there are people supervising you. Of course, you can look at the coordination matters. Nothing was coordinated by him. If the Ministry of Security could coordinate it, he would be considered acceptable. When this old Beijing leader met me in New York, he said in a dialogue with me. Vice Minister Ma Jian, this matter has not been coordinated by National Securities. This matter has not been coordinated, but Zhengquan increased the plot ratio and coordinated for you. I said at the time that I totally disagree, and I will let everyone in the future. Knowing this fact, I totally disagree, including the fact that it was expensive at the time, and the video of Vice Minister Ma Jian between you and him paid bribes. I said it was completely nonsense. When Vice Minister Ma Jian bought my house, I sold it to my employees for 12,000 and 13,000, and sold it to Vice Minister Ma Jian for 16,000. Why did it become a bribe? Then Vice Minister Ma Jian said that I gave him money, and I gave him the money with evidence. You said that I gave the cash. Isn’t that nonsense? Once there is no evidence, he said to find someone without evidence to support it. I don’t. I, Vice Minister Ma Jian, does not have any relationship of bribery or bribery, and there is no collusion between officials and businesses. At that time, Vice Minister Ma Jian was the director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Wu Guanzheng and Secretary Hu Jintao. Report, will he ask for my money? Isn't he stupid? is it possible? Taking out the recorded video of Minister Ma Jian is completely nonsense and completely fake.

I am willing. At that time, I kept in touch with Beijing over the past 8 months. I am willing to talk about these economic exchanges with Minister Ma Jian under certain conditions and third-party conditions. Text I take the bill and I take the evidence. We helped Vice Minister Ma Jian overseas when they went to Pakistan and Afghanistan. When they passed by Hong Kong, they borrowed $120,000 in cash. There was nothing at all. I am very grateful for the issue of bribery and he bought a house. At that time, after the financial crisis in 2008, I asked me to hold a staff meeting at the company and called on the employees to buy a house. Many friends in the society bought my house. , Now the house is 60,000 yuan per square meter, and 80,000 square meters. My employees are making tens of millions. I bought the house and made tens of millions. Do you think I bribed my employees? Can I bribe the street vendors? This is totally unfair, so Deputy Minister Ma Jian and I did not collude with the government and business, and there is no so-called special order. The task and the goals and requirements of the special department are special. Why do I come from the spy? So I say incest. Quoting the so-called Guo Wengui as a national security agent, whoever says I am a national security agent, I will never end with you. Why am I National Security? Show me the evidence. If I am a national security agent, will the United States let me stay here? Can the US government let a national security agent live here? Would you do such a thing? Is there any evidence? If I am Guoan, would I dare to come to America? Am I going to fight against the thieves? The thief casually took out a piece of paper that Wen Gui had worked as a spy, and Wen Gui had no place to bury him. Need to talk? If Wengui wants to be a spy, would he still use Wang Yanping's fake audio and Guo Wengui's sex videos? Can you still make so many rumors that it is expensive? Can anything else be done to kill the Japanese? Can it still cause Italy to be repatriated? What else can I make without passport expiration? I took 100 photos. They only need to show a piece of paper, an order, and a code from Wengui and a spy, and give it to the US government. Can Wengui live here? At least common sense I didn’t want to explain in the past. I think everyone has this judgment. Why is that? And he even quoted Guo Wengui as a national security agent. If I were a national security agent, can I propose Guo Qitiao? Do I dare to propose Guo Qitiao? So this kind of absurd quotation, without any bottom-line quotation, at least a lawyer’s criterion, and no basic conditions for quotation, is neither legal nor reasonable, and illogical, and without any evidence, it becomes The human rights guise of the lawyer you used to be incestuous is entirely because you insulted the lawyer.

If you are a man who made this kind of fate, you should be arrested in any country that should deal with you, and you will stay in prison for life. Who is this kind of person like you? What a beast can’t do, you’re a lawyer, your Xia Hemorrhoids person, that Xia Hemorrhoids is not as good as a dog, I can understand, Toad Lee is a liar, hooligan agent, shit Nove shit is even A person who is inferior to a rascal dog and a beast, ignore him, but you are incestuous, you say, you call a lawyer, a human rights lawyer, you said that this kind of thing everyone knows is fake and has evil power. , Slandered me, and slandered me with the power of banditry. Why did you do this like that? Mr. Incest, why don’t you ask what happened to HNA? HNA asked, why don’t you dare to say a word, who is Guan Jun’s father? Who is Liu Chengjie's father? Who are Sun Yao's parents? Why don't you say it? Why don't you tell me the American ID of Ms. Yao Mingshan? Do you tell me the truth? I'll just tell the truth. Is Ms. Yao Mingshan's certificate true? With this sentence, I can prove that your words are 100% false. For anything, Toad Li said that none of Guo Wengui's words is true, and none of the words in the photo are true. Just rely on your name and I will say that identity. Is it true? I don’t talk about other things, don’t talk about Guanjun, don’t talk about Liu Chengjie, don’t talk about HNA, don’t talk about thieves, don’t talk about 787, just this sentence, I say whether that identity is real, if this is Really, everything you say is fart, you are all fake. Is this fair? That Lin Yifu said that ninety-nine is false, I said he is 100% false, my sentence is true, because what you said is completely ignored and cannot be used in the courts of the United States, in any court in the world , What you said is false, it is equivalent to all false, you say that I am 100% false, you are all false, because what I said is true.

So incest Biao, Xia Hemorrhoids feces, Wei feces, you not only have to get retribution from heaven, you must not die well, you must not die well, because you know that there are millions of people like Yang Gailan in this nation. People, there are tens of thousands of people involved in the Lei Yang incident, tens of thousands of 709 lawyers, and tens of thousands of this Nie Shubin, you also help the abuser, stare at you and talk nonsense, you put one to Guo Qitiao, to rule the country according to the law, so You don’t defend the matter, and you’re still in the name of lawyers and human rights, turning black and white. You’re harming this nation. If you have a country thief, you don’t oppose it. There is so much evidence of country thief that you don’t say a word, you You don’t talk about incest, you don’t talk about them, they are really incest, don’t talk about them, they play a family for four generations, don’t talk about them, you say Guo Wengui incest, you don’t want to die for incest, you must not die, you If this person is going to get well and die, there will be no reason, you know? I’m asking all of you, why Hu Shuli, why incest, and why Xia hemorrhoids? Why toad Li, why these, this, this, and this, and this, and this promise, are all written by President Xi, this book, that book, and that fake book, what is President Xi’s lover, why are you determined to prevent Guo Wengui from opposing President Xi? Why not oppose the communists and not the emperor? What you call you must oppose Guo Wengui, and you will support a thief. Everyone in the world, anyone who wants to have a bit of IQ, can see what these people are and what they want to do. They only serve the people who give them dog food, only serve their interests, and ignore the facts at all. They don’t care about fairness, they don’t care about the existence of the law, they don’t care at all, they don’t care whether the 1.4 billion people have the truth, whether there is fairness, whether there is democracy, whether there is the rule of law, whether there is freedom, they only care about the thieves of the country. Our dears, just fed some dog food to these beasts, even this incestuous quote can be grandiose, and they also appeared as a literati and this so-called so-called lawyer, and they also got shit promise and toad Lee. , And this and this Wei shit, there are also bad people like Zhang Hemorrhoids, people who are inferior to pigs and dogs are echoed, and animals are not as good as animals. Our nation has reached this time. If you don't give up your fantasy, you are still a thief. To steal the state-controlled state machinery, you are an undercover agent, and you expect you to go back. I didn't watch it yesterday. Xia Hemorrhoids said. Oh, this Guo Wengui is so miserable or something. Guo Wengui throws a hamburger, which is better than your summer hemorrhoids. Look at your looks, look at your virtues, look at your words, and anyone who has taste and a little knowledge can see You all feel sick. That's really called hemorrhoids.

Many tweets have said that I’m not allowed to talk about hemorrhoids or shit. These people have to talk about it, they have to talk about it, because I want to let it go. The common people in China will always let them know, and their children will always know that his father had hemorrhoids and his grandfather had hemorrhoids. I don’t know if he can be a grandfather, and this group of people is incestuous. I Forever let your children and daughters’ family members know that your name is incest Biao. You said it yesterday. I was very surprised when I read it. If you tweet it or send it to me, you quoted the tweet and used this fake audio to fake the message. To prove, I said that Wang Yanping and I have no blood relationship is incest. Then someone else has sex with your wife. Is that called incest for you? That's rape, that's rape. Do you know that? If someone else rapes your daughter, it’s called a rapist. It’s not incest at all. Do you know this common sense? If you don’t understand, I can tell you, and I can tell you in our language, so I am a national security agent. If I am a national security agent, what is the basic evidence? Why don’t you quote the country thief mentioned by so many tweets? Why don’t you quote so many friends saying those bastards, they are all brutes, Xia Hemorrhoids Wei Shi Shi Nuo is aware of this fishing, and collects money to commit crimes, why don't you quote it? Now shouting, "Wengui, don't you curse? Sorry, I don’t want to be a politician. I’ve seen a politician. I’ve seen a head of state who doesn’t curse people. There are swear words in private. I really haven’t seen a few who don’t curse, unless he is a god. That’s when I’ve reached the god, I’m already in the state of no-self. I really can’t stand the state of no-self. I really can’t stand it. So, I’m here today. I just finished training. I’m very happy and very happy. Happy, I clarified that today Guo Wengui is not a national security agent from any angle. Guo Wengui has never bought any navy and is willing to bet 1 million US dollars against anyone. I am here to bear the legal responsibility. The so-called third incest quoted by Biao Wang Yanping and I are incestuous. They have no roots, pure rumors, and personal attacks. I must take measures. I don’t need him to apologize. He must apologize to his friends. It’s that simple.

Then I’m going to talk about my Twitter friends. I’m going all out to prepare for September 1st, September 1st and November 11th. Great things can happen every moment, everybody. Let’s wait and see. Let’s use what I said about Wengui’s evaluation. Don’t say good or bad at any time now. Give me three years and use the results to prove to everyone that everyone who passes this matter depends on you. Know the faces of these ugly people, the arrogance of power, the arrogance of the so-called knowledge, the arrogance of the so-called profession, and the arrogance of money. Don’t cover up the eyes of the wisdom of your friends. Among the information transferred to me through various channels, their kind of wisdom and their kind of energy, now Wen Gui broke the news in China, every second is expanding nuclear change, absolutely nuclear change, you can’t imagine. In the future, you can see that once this power breaks out, it will definitely surpass nuclear energy, because I deeply feel that the whole Wengui's revelation has awakened too many people, everyone. We all know it well, but no one dares. Our 1.4 billion people’s spiritual wealth has been raped by others, and with the help of hooligan beasts like incest, Bia Xia, hemorrhoids and shit, these thugs help us The common people are living in these days when pigs and dogs are not as good as pigs and dogs. Everyone knows that we need to bring light to light just now. We need to use courage, wisdom, and unity to light it. It will definitely happen. God is on our side, believe us My heart and the ideal goal I am pursuing, freedom, democracy, rule of law, Guo Qitiao, firmly support President Xi, I repeat, I support President Xi, whoever thinks me like this, President Xi said I’m sorry, I come from the bottom of my heart Without any strategic considerations, Guo Wengui would be stupid enough to want to use President Xi, then I, I really, that is the stupidest in the world, he is the leader of a country, he is the chairman of a country, so many teams, Guo Wengui is a little bit small Skills are nothing, not even an ant, but I just think that China cannot be chaotic. China's possession of President Xi is the biggest sign of major changes in China. It was given to us by President Xi, and I believe that President Xi is 19 After the Great War, the chaos will definitely be set aside, and it will definitely bring the people the beginning of a democratic and free rule of law. It is impossible to say that one person is one string.

And I am convinced that he is very dangerous now, absolutely dangerous. Everyone can tell from these overseas voices that everyone protects someone, everyone hates someone, and so many government officials in the United States are lobbying me. Don’t toss about the thief anymore. President Xi is not credible, President Xi is not credible, let me recommend President Xi. The more this is, I can see that President Xi is very dangerous, but everyone, calm down and think about it. If something happens to President Xi, who will act, and who can manage this country. Who can control this country? Everyone take a good look, think about it, and think about it calmly. If President Xi cannot give me democracy, freedom and the rule of law in the future, we will have time. After a few years, we can challenge President Xi. He is the enemy, but our best choice now is to support him. We must never let the country thief succeed, and we must not let the country thief become another interest group, in order to protect his illegitimate children and their overseas money. Trillions of illicit money continue to kidnap all our 1.4 billion compatriots in the name of maintaining stability, and make overseas gangsters like Li Shinuo incest. These gangsters and beasts are helping to abuse, kidnapping our overseas Chinese, and then attacking us. The overseas Chinese forces sent a bunch of lurking and spies Lan Jinjin to destroy all our hopes. Then we will still be unresolved, so everyone calm down, why 28 years have passed and no more In three or two years, three or two years, if President Xi can’t do it, Guo Wengui will have to do it by caesarean section to show everyone this commitment to everyone. Don’t worry, there is only one way. Support President Xi and oppose national thieves. Everything that is inconsistent with this goal, we are all our enemies. We support Guo Qitiao. All of my demands for this past event cannot be changed. This is Wengui. Everyone has seen it clearly. Chaos Lun Biao, Li Xia, hemorrhoids, feces, Nove feces and overseas Hu Shuli, as well as overseas fake chaotics, their ugly faces, everyone said that, action, action, we even the next one, even Wei feces. It can't be repaired, why are you repairing Guo Wengui? The Monkey King said, ah, smash the pot and repair the pot. You can't smash this Wei shit first, and you can't fix that shit promise. What's the use of repairing Guo Wengui? If you have the ability to repair them, you all see that Guo Wengui is so bullying, and that Guo Wengui is so good. You are like thief of the country. Guo Wengui does not have the father of a Politburo member. Guo Wengui does not have such a trick to play hooligans, so you dare to come to me. Why don’t you go and fix these hooligans? Go and fix these incestuous gangsters. You fuck him. Go home and ask his home, ask his mother, ask his daughter, ask his wife, what is incest and what is incest? Why did you come to fix me? You go to repair the thief. The money and building of HNA are just across the street. So why don't you repair me? Didn't you pick up a soft persimmon or squeeze Guo Wengui?

So I reiterate that Guo Wengui supports Chairman Xi and will never change. In the past three years, in three years, and in three years from now, it will not change. 7 months have passed since my Wengui career, and still, 7 months have passed since three years. How good was it when you came to evaluate me? Haha, have you retired? Let’s take a look at the ending of Nan Osku. Please remember, don’t commit crimes to your children and family members. There are parents and family members. Don’t commit crimes. Incest is called this time. I was shocked. I have always had much respect for Chinese lawyers. As a result, he gave me two dog food for this shit, Wei shit, summer hemorrhoids and thieves, staring at his conscience, and talking about his profession and gain. Respect, ah, alright, I’m talking about my friends today. Today’s new week has begun. From September 1st, Wengui started to break the news, and started to break the news, this The news broke on September 1, and the news started, once the news started. It must be a bloody storm, a bloody storm, I must believe that everyone must be patient, the previous paragraph will be very boring, I will tell you the outline of this story first, everyone will listen, and then enter the middle stage. One paragraph is connected with some of the evidence in the middle paragraph. The third paragraph is like HNA at the time. I show all the evidence. Destroyed, everyone will see a completely different Chinese political ecology that you can’t imagine in the past few years. Guo Wengui finished this vote. Once this vote is finished, everyone must Remember, you will truly understand what Wen Gui’s plan for breaking the news and what he really means from September 1 on.

Today Wengui’s revelation, Wengui’s live broadcast of Ping An ends here. Thank you all tweets for all the support, care and attention given to me. Once again, I remind everyone to pay attention to their information security. Attention, pay attention again, these fake 5 cents, there are spies, these 5 cents, spies and fake chaotics, they approach and hurt you, take your information, and all my friends, Be sure to remember. Don’t forget to exercise, everything is just the beginning. Thank you all your followers, thank you, friends in Beijing, good night, friends in New York, we hope you have a good day, thank you. OK go there yes. I'm turned off.