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Miles Guo 20200801

Miles Guo 20200801

Dear brothers and sisters, I just finished watching the show yesterday by Wengui from the Bannon Fighting Room. Everyone wants to watch it. I didn’t want to do it yesterday. I didn’t want to do it when Mr. Bannon asked me to do it. I said last hour, then I spent an hour in the middle of this, I was totally unprepared to speak English, so I was talking nonsense. Before this, our comrade Yakina gave me advice, can you speak English like an American? Very calm, don’t be emotional, that means being very calm, I said that it’s not me, I’m going to be emotional, I’m going to be Guo Wengui.

But yesterday I really listened to what Aghina said. It was to make Aghina happy. Guo Wenguiran was happy. He spoke slowly, but I didn’t expect that after reading it just now, everyone thought it was good. Many American friends said: Miles, your English is so good, you just say it like this, we all understand. And just now it was because the Voice of America’s War Room was at most radio receivers. As a result, the radio receivers have already set a new high today. They told me that Mr. Guo, you must set a new high as long as you get to it. And now our main American and Western audiences are all white families, I didn't expect it.

So it seems that I have changed my style. I will tell you about the major events of the past two days. This G-TV is not worth it. You said that Tik Tok, Zoom, and WeChat are closed. What do you think you are watching? Chinese compatriots don’t watch G-TV, you can only watch G-TV G-News. G-News is now growing at multiples every week. A certain American media person told me last week that Miles, I want to invest in G-News. I took 10 million into shares and I said how much do you invest in shares? What do you say he said? 10 million, I’m 20%, I said in the video, I said you’ll wait, I used another cell phone to make a call, I said you send him the value just assessed by G-News now, I say you Look.. send it to this person in a few minutes. The video is not closed after this person finishes watching. He said Miles, you scared me to death. I said I told you in this world, you should not be more brave than me or smarter. I said that just last week, my G-News was over 2 billion. Now some people say that if 2 billion is willing to invest 50%, it means to take 1 billion US dollars. If you take 10 million US dollars, you have to get dozens of percentages. Just kidding.

How much is G-TV worth? Brothers and sisters, guess how much is it worth? For G-Fashion, we will start at 100 billion U.S. dollars or 100 billion U.S. dollars. Now G-TV is priced at 2 billion U.S. dollars, which is too cheap. But we now have 1,000 comrades in arms, right? It's worth it, the Communist Party fears G-TV this time and G-News. To what extent do you think about it? After a while you know, and after a while you will understand better. What does it mean? Dear brothers and sisters, all the apps of the Communist Party have to be removed. After they are removed, look at us. Our secret tricks have not started yet. Don’t forget about mergers and acquisitions.

At that time, the mergers and acquisitions in the G-TV prospectus...who would we not be enough? right? Everyone is watching. Now I look back at the following interview with Lu Deanhong. Many domestic comrades in arms said that they must watch this issue. Why? Ah... but I had a dream last night

What did you dream of? Dreaming that the Hong Kong dollar is really gone, is it real? Said that the Hong Kong dollar disappeared within 30 days, I really haven't invested much money, do I increase the investment to make the Hong Kong dollar short? Everyone, my English today is too bad, give me some praise and encourage me? Or criticize me? I really don't want to participate in interviews between the fighting room and the West. But to break the news about the need for the revolution, look at how cool this gray hair is. I found that this man is not mature enough without gray hair. Many people sent me messages.. Look at the weight loss now. I recently lost 4~5 kg.

So you see that the meat on this neck is getting old, and then the face is getting old, but I am very happy. I have been envious of old people since I was a child. I don’t know why people are afraid of old age. I am not afraid of old age. The sense of vicissitudes of maturity is what I admire since childhood. , I’ve been told that I’m too young since I was a child. I’ve been told that I’m too young since I was a child. Now I see my mature white hair. I enjoy it. I am more reliable when I am mature. There are too many good things. Up. I cut your tongue for you, and the Hong Kong dollar is gone, so I cut your little dick for you. Who would be the giant whose tongue was cut by the little dick? That is called castrated, how crazy will the Communist Party after being castrated?

You say that sometimes when I record videos on my mobile phone, I look at myself. Guo Wengui is really not easy, very powerful, really powerful, to be honest, I admire it, you see my brother Hao Haidong and my Zhaoying brothers. Now teach me how to practice. In the past, my son was my coach. He taught me all the time but he didn’t listen, so he let me practice. As a result, Mr. Hao Haidong, sister Ye Zhaoying

This time, I just listened. It doesn't matter if I heard it, the stomach is obviously going down. According to their actions, the stomach is really hot and burning. After doing this every day, I feel old. Now I think it’s time to take a bath. I think it’s really great. Someday I will have a naked bath. Let’s broadcast it for a while, naked bathing, naked bathing...this is hooligans...don’t take it seriously, another brother and sister, we have a lot of comrades in arms, always send me messages, saying who and who are in love with whom, who and who and who are with whom There is a relationship. The comrades in arms broke the news that the revolution is not qualified and should not be. Participate in and criticize and evaluate the private life of any comrade in arms. It is your business to whom you are willing to talk to. Who you love to talk to and whom is... self-married, one night You are in charge of who you are dating, who you love to date and who you are dating. No one can wear clothes and bathe. Everyone has emotions and desires. As long as you don’t harm a third party, you can do what you like and take care of yourself. Why? We don't want to engage in moral judgments, or moral kidnappings.

One of our female comrades-in-arms in the United States was so-called exploded by others.. They were all Communists, and I responded very simply to this and that. Our female comrades in arms are almost 60 years old and have such a good body. What's wrong? What's wrong with that stuff? Did he hurt you? What's upsetting you? We cannot participate nor evaluate. These are all ghosts made by the Communist Party. Recently, the Communist Party has been hiding under the name of all its comrades in arms. It has become more and more arrogant. It is telling the truth. "Use Jiang Gan to know Jiang Gan" brothers and sisters. There is also a trick to "use Jiang Gan to destroy Jiang Gan". Higher, wouldn’t it be higher if Jiang killed the Communist Party? is not it?

But don’t be fooled, don’t be kidnapped by any moral language, don’t accept anyone’s accusations against you, only your own beliefs and moral laws, to judge your behavior, there are only true and false good and evil in the world. Don’t listen to that bastard talking nonsense, what should you do to be yourself, Be yourself, this is the most important thing that Churchill’s wife said: You need Be yourself. Why? I Always Be Myself, Now You need Be yourself. One who saw that Churchill was a little scared and cared about other people's comments, she said: You just be yourself and you are done. He said: I have always been myself, she said: You still... I will tell you you to be yourself, Churchill: yourself, just like me I never care about commenting on me, what don’t like me, me It's me, dear brothers and sisters, if you are a normal person, a confident person and a person of God, be yourself thank you!